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Malaysian Trumpet Snail
Sagittaria: Narrowleaf
Vallisneria: Corkscrew
Vallisneria: Italian
Sword: Pygmy Chain
Out of Stock.
Sagittaria: Broadleaf
Vallisneria: Contortion
Danio- Longfin Gold Zebra
Danio- Longfin  Zebra
Danio - Zebra
Danio - Gold Zebra
Vallisneria: Jungle (Red)
Bunch Plants: Baby Tears
Bunch Plants: Lemon Bacopa
Bunch Plants: Cardamine
Bunch Plants: Glossostigma
Bunch Plants: Hygro Aqaguaia
Bunch Plants: Blue Hygro
Mix Molly
In Stock.
Bunch Plants: Mermaid
Bunch Plants: Mint Charlie
Bunch Plants: Moneywort
Bunch Plants: Rotala macrandra
Bunch Plants: Scarlet Temple
Bunch Plants: Temple
Snail- Assassin Snail
Snail- Black Horn Snail
Snail- Spiral Horn Snail
Lotus: Tiger Red
Out of Stock.
Bunch Plants: Ludwigia Red
Bunch Plants: Water Wisteria
Crypt: Wendtii Green
Crypt: Wendtii Red
Out of Stock.
Bunch Plants: Ludwigia Peruensis
Crypt: Wendtii Brown
Bunch Plants: Rotala indica
Bunch Plants: Rotala pusilla
Bunch Plants: Lloydiella
Bunch Plants: Lloydiella golden
Bunch Plants: Ludwigia ovalis
Tetra- Glolite Fire Neon Tetra
Snail- Zebra Nerite Snail
Snail- Tiger Nerite Snail
Danio - Leopard
Out of Stock.
Black Molly
Out of Stock.
Dalmatian Molly
Out of Stock.
Mixed Fancy Guppy - Female
Bunch Plants: Rotala wallichii
Bunch Plants: Ludwigia repens
Java Fern
Out of Stock.
Bunch Plants: Ludwigia Cuba
Assorted Platy
Gold Dust Molly
Red Tail Multicolor Guppy
Half Black Cobra Guppy
Green Multicolor Guppy
Green Metallic Tuxedo Guppy
Green  Dragon Tuxedo Guppy
Green  Dragon Cobra Guppy
Gold Cobra Guppy
Blue Neon Guppy
Out of Stock.
Blue Dragon Tuxedo Guppy
Black Guppy
Out of Stock.
Blue Multicolor Guppy
Mixed Female Betta
FEMALE Crown Tail Betta
Sword: Radican
Out of Stock.
Sword: Ruffle
Out of Stock.
Black Sailfin Molly
Dalmatian Sailfin Molly
Silver Sailfin Molly
Gold Dust Sailfin Molly
Crypt: beckettii
Out of Stock.
Crypt: Blansae
Out of Stock.