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Eddy (January 21, 2024)

The fish are amazing. They arrived in great shape and on time. I will definitely buy more.

Tom (Dec 21, 2023)

The C. habrosus arrived in great shape.   They rode on the UPS truck all day and were delivered at about 7pm last night but all 20 did fine.  Just wanted to say I had a great transaction and will come back.

Michael (Nov 21, 2023)

Hello, I just wanted to tell you that all the fish arrived beautifully and they are all alive and doing well. I am extremely happy with the order. They all look absolutely wonderful and I’m looking forward to placing many orders from you in the future. Thank you so much for all your help you’ve been absolutely Wonderful and extremely accommodating.

Debbie (November 16, 2023)

Thank you so much!
Our order of three, 3-4inch mixed Oranda's made it safe and sound and in good health to Oregon!!!!
They acclimated well and just ate their first meal. They are very nice quality and are a lovely addition to our tank.

Patty (Sept 21, 2023)

I just received my Guppy shipment, and they are all alive and well. Thank you so much for all the attention to the care of shipping such a fragile bunch. They are acclimating in the aquarium in their bag and after adding a little of the aquarium water to the bag, bit by bit over the next 30 minutes, they will be released by hand into the new tank that has been prepared just for them. After so many shipments from other providers that arrived without proper containment, and sadly seeing the fish dead upon arrival, it is wonderful that your shipment and the nice packaging kept them safe for their travels, as well as using FedEx. I now know who to order my fish from moving forward. Again, thank you!!!

Sylvia (September 15, 2023)

Received my fish today and so far everything looks good. They're not dead nor sick. The shipping box and how you double bag the fish for extra protection for the fish. 
I will look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Shannon (August 24, 2023)

... The 2 koi you had reshipped to me last week are doing amazing! They are still a little shy, but they definitely know when it's feeding time, and they use the whole tank to swim around without hiding. Thank you so much for having such wonderful customer service. I'll definitely be ordering from you again when I decide what kinds of fish I want to add to my other tanks.

Leroy (August 18, 2023)

Good afternoon Staff at Quinn's Fins:
The loaches, and puffer fish made through this California heat safely. I just want to say what an awesome job you all are doing. So far they are doing okay in my tank, although one loach is acting different, but I have my eye on it. Thank you again, I totally support your company.

Jannellee (June 20, 2017)

Baron and Everyone at Quinns Fins, You guys are great! I have never ordered live fish online, but I've bought plenty items online, so I gave it a try, since my store purchases are always doubtful and colorless being they start out small and no one knows what they truly are. Store clerks just help in bagging and numbering, but truly have no clue what cichlids they truly have. Just label and I pay and hope for the best at a low price. I've bought my cichlids in stores to say enough, I have 32 cichlids now. So I've seen plenty of stores and had my share of cichlid purchase downers. Luckily never a horror story, but some downers that the fish didn't show great color or wasn't what I was told he was. And you guys are incredibly awesome to the attention and detail of your fish and guarantee. My fish arrived as stated overnight. Perfect. First, the cheapest overnight I have ever seen anywhere. Great not overpricing overnight at only $19.00 plus my option to add $4.00 insurance. Others were charging from $34 to $59. Wow. Quinn's Fins, Under $25.00, I'd have fish overnight. I couldn't resist and had to take the chance in ordering from the experts instead of store clerks who are doubtful to say the least. You state fish will be 2"-3" for medium (which at the stores for the same price I would only get a 2" cichlid, which no one knows what kind it is, but just that its a peacock) But to my surprise, your fish were no less than that, plus more. Thank you. My fish were incredible. Packaging was perfect, all six fish were individually bagged and carefully marked, met and exceeded the 2" minimum. Beautiful, strong colors were showing on 3 and those not showing full color, still do show colors will be coming in, and are just going to be awesome to see as they come in little by little. Cant wait to see those three final colors. Fish were healthy looking, big, overall better cichlids than expected or ever bought at the stores. No one had fin damage, lethargic looking, or the usual not eating syndrome. Its been a week and they are doing great. And today I received a surprise and got a 7th cichlid, my OB Peacock. Beautiful. Not full color, but he will get there. I will continue to purchase from you. And trust my selections to only you. My African Cichlid Peacocks look great. My tank looks great and they are all mixing in my community just perfect. Can't say enough thank yous for your service, communication, prices and selection of great looking cichlids. I myself was doubtful in ordering and took my chances and am more than happy that I did. Thank you. For just under $100.00 I have 7 great looking, healthy Cichlids. No one can beat that!

Marcus (May 16, 2017)

First I would like to say this is the first time I have ever ordered fish online. For this to be my first experience I have to say I was very pleased. Quinn's Fins had the fish I wanted and made it very easy to order. I just got my fish today and once I opened the box I was expecting some wear and tear on the fish per comments from people who have ordered fish online before. To my delight all the fish looked great! I mean their fins were nice and some of the fish were already showing some great color. I ordered five medium sized fish which were as advertised. I look forward to buying more fish from Quinn's in the future.

Richie (May 11, 2017)

My order came and I was VERY impressed. Great size, very healthy beautiful fish. Can't beat your prices nor the quality. Keep up the great work. I wish I would have heard of you earlier.

Marino (February 15, 2016)

I just received my order of 32 cichlids from Quinn's Fins and I must say I am very happy! Baron was easy to deal with and kept me in the loop throughout the entire process. As you can imagine I was very anxious and excited waiting on my fish and Baron made sure that I knew exactly when and where to pick up my fish (live in Canada). They all arrived alive and look very healthy! I decided to go with the small options as I wanted to keep my cost down on a big order like this and now I get to watch them grow and start to color up! Overall great experience and would recommend anyone to buy from these guys!

Santos (February 1, 2016)

In a word, awesome! Completely satisfied customer. This was my first order from Quinns Fins, not my first on line order (most of my past experience was with Saltwater fish), but it was my first Freshwater fish order.
I emailed Quinns Fins prior to ordering and received quick and helpful response back from the staff (Baron). After placing my order, I emailed them again to request an address change and a possible substitution and addition to my order. The response from Quinns Fins was quick, direct, and very helpful.
I order over 20 fish (requested all Males) and received everything in excellent condition. The packaging was professional and in better shape than more expensive orders I have made for Saltwater fish. All fish arrived healthy and alive. All active, and some with great colors!
I decided on Quinns Fins because the overall selection, prices, and no additional charges for requesting Males! I was even able to order Dry Fish food and it shipped in the same package (wrapped and protected excellently). All fish doubled bagged and heat pack was included (still warm)!
All fish that I received looked beautiful! I ordered medium fish (2-3 inches) and everything came within those specifications. The smallest was about 2” (and only 1 that small was received) and the largest 3” (4 large fish received) with most averaging 2.5”. I ordered Haps, Peacocks and Mbunas and all came relatively close in size. In fact, the Mbunas seemed HUGE to what I was expecting.
Very pleased, I will be ordering again from Quinns Fins soon.
>br> EJ (Feb. 25, 2015)

I'm VERY pleased with my purchase. I have recently started a peacock/hap male show tank. Hands down Quinns Fins has some great species. Shipment was delivered on time, colors to my cichlids where great, and all came according to size. I will totally be purchasing from Quinns Fins again!

Ryan S. (Jan 27, 2015)

I received my fish very quickly. I was very impressed with the packaging. Fish were in great shape and they are still living today!!

Felix (Jan 18th, 2015)

I ordered 13 fish and I would have to say that they were better than what I expected. They have been in my aquarium a little over a week now and they are all doing great. Awesome fish at about half the price that I would have to pay locally. I will do business with again.
Thank you!

Vilma (Jan 8th, 2015)

The best genetic strains online! The fish Baron sends actually look like the pictures! Once again I am very happy with the order I placed on Quinns Fins. Will buy again.

Vilma (Dec 26th, 2014)

Very nice fish I received. No DOA. All the fish I received were healthy upon arrival and after quarantine time. I will buy again and will recommend this seller. Fine packing, timely delivery, and nice fish size!

Philip Pellkofer (Dec 13th, 2014)

My fish arrived on time from Fed Ex, however, the bottom of the box was damaged as well as the Styrofoam on the bottom. This must have occurred at some point in the shipping process. My Blue Dolphins were very nice and had good color. I also ordered two lemon Jake, two Ruben Reds. One Ruben Red died the next day. Overall, happy with my fish!

Alexander Cifello (Nov 8th, 2014)

Got my order from baron with quinnsfins and I got to say it was amazing packaging and fast shipping,the fish I got look amazing and looks like they are going to be flourishing in my tank... Im definitely going to order from him really soon!

Anthony from New Orleans (Nov 5th, 2014)

Perfect shipment free with large order, Beautiful & healthy 30 fish found nowhere else online $10 each and good communication making everything simple priceless!!! Thanks Baron

Noah (Sep 19th, 2014)

I received 20 demasoni and some were bigger then describe! The colors look great and none of them died. Thank you, Noah

stephanie (Sep 17th, 2014)

I call on Friday for some special order fish and by Sunday I was ready to place my order. Not only did I get my fishes ,but the size and look of the fish were amazing. I always purchase online and dont regret it. I cant Thank him enough.

David (Sep 16th, 2014)

Short but sweet. This is a GREAT place to shop for cichlids. The fish are beautiful and as described! I use 3 day shipping and have had NO issues receiving them alive and well and ready to hang out with my tank mates.

Erin (Sep 10th, 2014)

This was my first time ordering fish online, and I must say it was an EXTRAORDINARY experience! Baron went above and beyond to make sure I had all 25 fish I was asking for he responded to every email and question, and coordinated with me to help ensure I could get everything I was looking for. Baron even found a couple for me that he didnt have in stock at the time of my order! The 25 fish arrived packaged well, and all were alive and jumping in the bags! Several colored up within minutes of being in my tank. COULD NOT HAVE BEEN BETTER! If you have doubts or are still searching for a place to order, DONT. I would reorder from Quinns without hesitation. GREAT experience.

Julian S (Aug 29th, 2014)

Im finally getting around to writing a much deserved testimonial for Quinns Fins. My order of 12 mbuna came professionally packaged and exactly on time. I was blown away by how vibrant and healthy each fish was. Months later and all are doing well. Would highly recommend and will be making a purchase again some day when I set up a hap tank.

David (Aug 27th, 2014)

WOW! What a great company! Thank you Baron. My 4th fish will arrive tomorrow. They have it down to a science!

jacolby (Aug 13th, 2014)

I am very pleased with my order that a me this morning. I ordered all show size and that is exactly what I got!!! All the fish are healthy and in very good shape, they were all packed nice and tight. I look forward to doing business withyou in the future

Chuck P (Jul 30th, 2014)

This was my first time ordering fish online. Baron was very helpful and answered all of my questions. All of the fish arrived alive and in great shape. All of the fish were individually bagged and good size. Im very satisfied and will order from Quinns again.

Diego F. (Jul 10th, 2014)

This was my first time ordering fish online and I had some reservations, but Baron has put all that to rest. Despite a slight issue, he corresponded with me promptly and resolved it without hesitation. My fish arrived alive, packaged great, and even at medium size has nice color. I recommend any cichlid lover to order from QuinnsFins, because I certainly will again.
Thanks Baron!!!

Roger and Patti Chapmn (Jul 6th, 2014)

Dear Quinns Fins, I wanted to thank you for the very nice fish, which were all much larger than expected and the colors were outstanding. I placed my large order of 28 different type of fish on a Thursday and requested them to be delivered the following Tuesday. They were there by 9 am as requested. These fish were better than I had hoped for and the packing was excellent. The fish were beautiful and all 28 were in great shape when I received them and all are still doing fantastic more than two weeks since there arrival. I am totally satisfied with each of my new tank mates and I will be looking forward to placing another fish order in the very near future.

Chris Geminski (Jun 14th, 2014)

I ordered several fish and they all came in alive and well. I was VERY impressed with the packaging, as well as the overall quality of the fish. I ordered two show quality fish... a Fire Hap and an Insignus.... both were close to 6 and STUNNING and are some of my favorite fish, especially the Insignus, amazing colors!

jose garcia (May 23rd, 2014)

Hi my name is jose im Puertorican but i live in new youk, the reason of this post is to said thank you very much im very happy with my order and i receive exactly what i order and the fish are very healthy and have beautyful colors

Darryl (May 6th, 2014)

WOW! I cant explain how happy I am. You guys have really out done your selves, I bought just medium sized fish from you & I can only imagine what your show stock looks like. Thank you so much for renewing my faith in on line ordering. Please dont change!!!

Victoria (May 2nd, 2014)

My first shipment I received from Quinns Fins had a couple of issues, that were not fully the sellers fault. After contacting Baron about this, he went above and beyond to fix everything, and left me completely happy and satisfied with my experience with Quinns Fins. Not to mention, the fish are STUNNING! I will most definitely be back, and dont plan on shopping anywhere other than Quinns Fins! Thanks again!

Michael Beach (Mar 4th, 2014)

The fish arrived promptly in great shape, baron went out of his way to help me with my preparation for their arrival. I would highly recommend them. They are a pleasure to deal with & their customer service is first class. Will be ordering again soon for my tank at home.

Matt (Feb 25th, 2014)

Was very pleased with my purchase of peacocks from Baron. Will definitely be buying some more in the future. Great Job!

Miles (Feb 20th, 2014)

Baron is awesome! Just like his products you want beautiful fish insist on Quinns fins !!!

JD (Feb 13th, 2014)

Awesome fish. After a very bad experience with bluegrass aquatics I was a little nervous ordering online but I was shocked at the difference Quinn fins made. I ordered 10 fish and they were packed in 10 bags. The fish all survived and look awesome. For the price they were much bigger than I expected. This is where I will get all my fish in the future.

Joshua Melnek (Feb 8th, 2014)

This was my first time ordering online and couldnt be happier with my new fishy friends! Even got a Saturday delivery. Baron was kind enough to answer all my questions. Ordered 7 different peacocks and not one DOA. Go ahead and place your order, you will not be disappointed!

Michael Rock (Feb 5th, 2014)

This company is truly amazing! I ordered several fish and one that I ordered did not directly reflect the picture presented the others did so they gave me a full refund for the fish... I will continue to order from quinns Fins and recommend to everyone that orders online...

Virginia Tucker (Jan 23rd, 2014)

I was so pleased with my order !! Good sized fish and excellent packaging. I will definitely order from here for any new fish in the future.

Micaela (Sep 27th, 2013)

I also have to add that i am VERY impressed with Baron i just had some questions about my sick fish and he helped me all the way through trying to get him better. Thank you Baron you are awesome.

Micaela (Sep 24th, 2013)

I just received my show south american cichlids and they are beautiful! The packaging is amazing and the shipping was fast. Thank you Quinnsfins!!

Richard K. (Sep 9th, 2013)

As a follow up, to my original testimonial, dated Jan 12, 2013. All 20 are healthy and growing. Thanks again Baron!!!

Nathan Dunn (Aug 7th, 2013)

I places my order on Thursday and requested them to be delivered the next Tuesday. The shipment was at my door by 8:15 Tuesday morning. All of the fish looked great and were even larger than I expected. I will be ordering from you again.

Novella (Aug 6th, 2013)

The fish got here this morning right at 10am central time. All were alive and well. They started eating right away and ate until their lil bellies were bulging and full. The Flameback colored up right away and is absolutely beautiful! The Insignus has some yellow and a very faint purple showing. The other 3 still have no coloring but I am confident that will come. An unexpected surprise was the new fish caused what I am thinking is a Red Should to color up more than he was. He was trying to be a bully but the Flameback and the Insignus have been keeping him in check somewhat. All in all I am super happy with the fish you sent and I will most definitely be ordering more fish in the future

Keith M (Jul 26th, 2013)

Im impressed by the customer service rendered by Baron,the selection of fish.I will tell my friend about you guys.

JLW (Jun 28th, 2013)

Ordered a bunch of haps and peacocks and was thrilled to see the largest box Ive ever received from FedEx. Inside the fish were very well packed in roomy conditions, and they were better than expected. The larges were indeed large, and the shows were showstoppers. The Taiwan Reef was huge, 7 or 8 inches!

Jerry (Jun 6th, 2013)

My 2nd order and Im happy again! The show sized Usisya Flavescent Peacock looks great, the 2 large Rusty are healthy and large. The large Regal Peacock is completing the maturing process and should be displaying color soon. Lastly are the 4 large Taiwan Reef, those too are maturing and are beginning to develop the blue head color. Im excited to watch them during this process. Thanks again Quinns Fins!!!

Susan (May 22nd, 2013)

All fish arrived alive and well. They are much nicer than I imagined. Great packaging and service. Thank you so much. Not only do you have great prices but a wonderful selection. Excellent company such a big difference from the last time I ordered fish online. Will be ordering more in the futureI wish shipping wasnt so expensive but I know that is out of your control. Thanks again

Jerry (May 17th, 2013)

100% Happy! The 2 Creamsicle Peacocks Show are healthy and colorful. The 2 Fire Haps Large are in the maturing process and should be displaying full color very soon. The 2 OB Peacocks Largelook amazing and the Trewavasae Largehas great color and markings, he is also bigger than expected, at almost 5. I will be doing business with Quinns Fins again...and soon!

Kris Krisanda (Apr 20th, 2013)

First time ordering fish off internet. Fish came in great condition. Excellent service. Will be ordering again soon

G Narain (Apr 9th, 2013)

ordered 6 cichlids and recieved my oreder in nyc in to shape,happy to all are doing fine.very haapy with the service thank you.

Kenneth Cantrell (Apr 6th, 2013)

I searched the internet, and no one had the selection that Quinns Fins had. I ordered five African cichlids, and they exceeded my expectations. All of the fish arrived alive and well. The quality of the fish is fantastic and the prices are great too. I will be ordering again real soon.

Ronscichlids (Apr 2nd, 2013)

I rate this company 5 stars in my book!!!! No DOAs in my 28 fish order! All still alive and well!

Stephanie A (Mar 29th, 2013)

First Timer, Great fish, easy, great communication! Will be ordering more soon! Thanks for the awesome fish!

Juan R. (Mar 12th, 2013)

Simply AWESOME No DOA Great Packeging. Will Do Business With You Again. JUAN R.

Bro. Bruce (Mar 5th, 2013)

Absolutely beautiful fish that all arrived in perfect condition! First class operation all the way! Great communication. So glad to have such a wondeful supplier of exceptional fish and at a really good price!

brandon (Feb 16th, 2013)

Great Fish! Thank you, I will order again!

KEN CRAM (Feb 11th, 2013)

This is my 1st experience purchasing fish by mail,Iv talk to Baronquins fins a few times and email him many more.he has gotten back to me verry fast and he has help me pick out a verry nice bunch of pecocks&happs for my 125 31 fishhe has went way out of way to help me by venting all the fish so i get all males Excellent customer service. Simple as that ill be getting my order next week and im shure there will be no DOA,AND PACKING TOP NOTCH.I will be doing business with again

Richard K. (Jan 12th, 2013)

This was my 1st experience purchasing fish by mail. I just want to express that Baron was great. He addressed my questions and concerns. Easy to communicAll 20 of them arrived, with no DOA. The bunch look great and healthy.. Thank you!

Dave Halley (Dec 18th, 2012)

This was the second shipment Ive recieved from Baron. Both shipments and no DOA with excellant packaging. Double bagged with the larger fish triple bagged. Over thirty fish and all are thriving. Thank you again.

Chelsea M. (Dec 12th, 2012)

Very nice fish all were much larger than expected and have very nice colors and finnage. Excellent customer service. Replied very quickly to emails. I will be placing another order very soon. I am very impressed. THANK YOU!!!!

Rainbowrunner (Dec 5th, 2012)

Dear Quinns Fins, I wanted to thank you for many reasons, the fine packing job, the timely delivery & the sizeoverall health of the fishes sent. I appreciate the timely email correspondence and friendly service as well. Your website contains outstanding photos, user friendly interface & an abundant selection of rare & beautiful cichlids. I look forward to placing another fish order in the very near future.

dan (Dec 1st, 2012)

Excellent service! Fish arrived on time and in good health. Thank you for the great fish! If I had more space......Id get more from Quinns!!!!!

Farzin S (Nov 27th, 2012)

I have placed 2 orders in the past month 14 Show fish. I have to say that you guys are amazing...the customer support, quality of fish and the packaging is always top notch. You guys are the best! I look forward in ordering more show quality fish next month. Cheers!

Craig Thompson (Nov 26th, 2012)

Excellent customer service. Simple as that. The actual fish i bought ares till young, but 30 years worth of experience with Malawi cichlids indicates that odds are good they will shine.

PangeaAquatics (Nov 14th, 2012)

Quinns Fins Rocks.....Great service ,great deals , fish were packaged right and shipped right out. I will gladly shop here again.

yamaha235 (Oct 30th, 2012)

Another great buy. Very fast shipping and well pack for the trip. Awesome fish and in great shape. Awesome communication.

Chris h (Oct 26th, 2012)

Awesome fish, cant wait to get some more.

Brian D. (Oct 21st, 2012)

Thank you, fish look great. I will be ordering again soon.

MDAMARE71 (Oct 18th, 2012)

The fish are beautiful and arrived in great shape. The thing that impressed me most was the customer service. They will address any concerns that you have and they beleive that the customer comes first. Thanks for a great experience.

glenn9812 (Oct 4th, 2012)

Nice fish I just received. No DOA and very helpful with bagging for 3 people order. Cant wait to them full colored up now! Will do business again whenever I order

yamaha235 (Oct 2nd, 2012)

Awesome fish. Very fast shipping and well pack. Awesome person to deal with and will buy again. Again awesome, awesome fish.

Aquabid User "Wicker56" (Jan 22nd, 2012)


Aquabid User "Jcgroah" (Jan 10th, 2012)

I cannot say enough, responses were speedy, shipping was amazing, and fish came in beautiful. Will buy again

Aquabid User "Klclayton" (Dec 21st, 2011)

Wow, wow, wow. The kind of fish you dream about. Great on all aspects of the transaction. Big THANKS

Aquabid User "The_Watcher" (Nov 19th, 2011)

These fish were better than advertised. Excellent packing and shipping. Will do business with again. AAA+ seller