How Fish Are Shipped to Your Door

#1 - Order Day

Order live fish online. Select your desired shipping option from Flat-Rate or Free (if your order qualifies), and Overnight or 2-Day shipping.

#2 - Weather Check

We check weather in our, your, and transit cities to determine the safest day to ship you your new fish! We'll hold your order until it is safe to ship. Typically, we are looking for stable temperatures across locations. This is because major temperature fluctuations are dangerous for fish. We ship from Florida.

#3 - Order Preparation

We catch, quarantine, and prepare your new fish to be shipped. This involves fasting (not feeding) your fish for up to 24-hours to help minimize the amount of waste the fish can produce in the bag.

#4 - Shipping Day

When we have determined and confirmed the weather is safe to ship your fish, we will email you your tracking number. This is an indication that your fish are on the list to leave our facility on that day. We bag your fish with water, oxygen, and our own (not-so-secret) shipping potion. This helps ensure your fish arrive safely. What does our shipping potion include? As a prevention measure, we may include a mixture of: salt, antibiotics, tranquilizer, ammonia blocker, Stress Coat, and/or others.

#5 - Delivery Day

Finally, the day has arrived and you are getting your new fish! You've used your tracking number to track the time and day of your delivery. The carrier website indicates that your package is out for delivery! Be sure you're available when your order arrives and immediately unbox your fish!

Fully read and follow all instructions provided in the box.

Need more information? Read our FAQs and Keeping Fish Alive Guide.

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