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When will I receive my fish? What is considered Next Day Shipping?

Next day shipping does not mean you will get your fish the day after you order. We need to have your fish without food for a full day prior to shipping. This greatly reduces the ammonia levels in the bags that the fish are shipped. Please allow for a minimum of 3 days processing.

Please send us an email to let us know when you want us to try to have your fish delivered. We will try our best to get the fish to you on that day. If we can not for any reason get your fish to you on the day you requested, we will contact you to arrange another option. If no date is emailed we will ship your fish out on the next available shipping day.

How much does shipping cost for live fish?

For the continental US, the shipping rates are as follows:

FLAT RATE of $40 for all orders under $250.
FLAT RATE of $10 for all orders between $250 and $350.
FREE SHIPPING for orders over $350.

Overnight shipping in within Florida is $15 for orders under $150, and FREE for orders $150 and over.

If you live in Alaska or Hawaii we must add a surcharge of $25 to all listed shipping costs listed. Shipping to Puerto Rico has a surcharge of $15.

Saturday Delivery is an additional $18.00

Do you guarantee males on my order?

Yes and No. We do not charge any additional fee to vent out your fish. We do our best to get you males as requested. We are really accurate, however, we are also human and fish are fish. Occasionally we are wrong. The guaranteed males would apply on Show fish. They are full color males. If you want to ensure yourself a higher likelihood of getting males, go for a larger fish. Typically we can vent fish on a medium size and above. Some exceptions do apply as some are very, very difficult to sex. Feel free to communicate with us about this issue.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, we do.

Shipping rates to Canada are as follows:
$0-250.00 in fish, shipping is $45.
Over $250 in fish, shipping is $25.

Also, taxes have been added to the checkout process and we will pay all taxes, customs and wildlife inspection fees for you.

What fish can be shipped to Hawaii?

Please check out the document put out by the state of Hawaii. I can only ship species that are listed on the list and nothing more. We will go over your order once submitted to make sure that your fish is on the allowed list. Hawaii list of approved animals

How do you ship?

We ship our fish UPS overnight to your doorstep. Two day shipping is available but is fully dependent on the weather. Please email us your order to make a two day ($25) shipping order (weather dependent) to [email protected]

We can not ship Live Fish to P.O. Boxes.

What do you guarantee?

We guarantee the live arrival of our fish when we ship UPS overnight to your door. If you were to ever receive a fish that is not alive when it arrives on your doorstep, we will issue a credit in the full amount of the fish good towards your next order. All we need is for you to e-mail us with a picture of your fish in the unopened and sealed bag within two hours of delivery. Shipping charges will not be credited.

NEW POLICY EFFECIVE October 10, 2016!

If your box is damaged or delayed (including weather delays) during transit by UPS, and if your fish is not alive due to damage or delayed beyond the transit time of the shipping method chosen, we will reship you another fish as soon as possible. Again, Quinn's Fins will pay for reshipping and for the additional fish if your fish does not arrive alive due to a delay over a day beyond your shipping choice, or if your fish does not arrive alive due to damage and your fish is dead. This is an additional insurance policy we at Quinn's Fins are offering to you when you buy fish from us. We will need pictures of the box as well as the fish. Please send them to [email protected]

What are Reward Points?

Reward points are used to purchase gift certificates on the website in the gift certificate tab. These can then be given to anyone you want or you can use them yourself. They can be used for all purchases on the website.

Do you always have every fish listed on your website?

​Not always. We try our best to keep the website up to date, but sometimes we run out of fish because of other orders or we might determine the fish is not up to our high standards and we have returned the fish to our vendor. If for whatever reason we do not have the specific fish you ordered, we will not substitute out fish for you, we contact you with your other options.